Aust Biathlon Anti-Doping Policy dated 27 December 2014, takes effect 1 January 2015:  Biathlon – FINAL – published V1.00.00 27 Dec 14

Aust Biathlon Competition Rules 2015 – for Australian Winter Season events 2015: AB_Competition Rules V3.0 20150619

Aust Biathlon Selection Policy 2015-16 – AB Selection Policy 2015-16

Aust Biathlon Selection Race Cancellation Policy 2015 – for Australian Winter Season events 2015: AB Selection Race Cancellation Guidelines 20150624

Aust Biathlon Support Grant 2014/15 – for athlete members who display outstanding achievement in the sport of biathlon and/or contribute to the growth of the sport. Must be an Australian citizen: AB Support Grant for Athletes V0.00.05

Aust Sports Anti-Doping Authority eLearning –

Aust Sports Anti-Doping Authority Fact Sheet – see: NEW e-Learning Fact Sheet – 2015 (3)

Aust Sports Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) – see 2015 WADA Prohibited List

IBU Starting Rights 2015/16 – Australian start rights at 2015/16 IBU events may be found here: AUS Biathlon Quotas for IBU Events 2015-16

Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang, KOR 2018 – the International Olympic Committee has jurisdiction over the Olympic Winter Games (OWG). However, the IBU Event and Competition Rules apply to the OWG.

The National Federation (NF) and Entry Quota for the OWG is based on the NF’s ranking in the Nations Cup from the season before the OWG. Further details are determined by agreement between the IOC and IBU Executive Board.

To achieve representation at OWG 2018, a nation must finish with a ranking of 22 or higher (in either/both genders). In addition, there are six Nation Wild Cards with a maximum of 2 athletes per nation   A list of events at OWG 2018 may be found here:  2015-06-08 – 2018 PyeongChang Events – Men_Women_Mixed

Winter Youth Olympic Games 2016 Selection Criteria – for athletes born in 1998 or 1999:   ABA-AOC YWOG Nomination + Selection Guidelines – Final copy


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