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We welcome support through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF).

There are four projects which you may choose to support:


1. Range Project

Upgrade of the only biathlon range in Australia.

Australian Biathlon works closely with Mount Hotham Resort Management to maintain IBU-level range that allows international competition, training and racing facilities for athletes.

Drainage range Easter 2015 rr IMG_8480 copy
Range upgrade- teamwork!


2. International Travel Project

(including towards Winter Youth Olympic Winter Games 2020 and Winter Olympic Games 2022)

The aim of this project is to support National Team and National Development Team members taking part in international training and competition, at all levels of competition.

This includes preparation for the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, SUI in 2020 and the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, CHN 2020.

To help us support our national athletes and coaches, please click on the picture below:

Jill Colebourn IBU Cup 5 Arber, GER Jan 2019.png
Jill Colebourn is Australia’s leading 2018/2019 IBU athlete


3. Equipment Project

This project allows the purchase of specialist biathlon equipment.

To help us with this project, please click on the picture below.

Laser biathlon at Hotham Champs weekend Che Buckley James Wilkinson 2016
Laser biathlon equipment in use at the Hotham Biathlon Arena!


4. Future Stars Project

The Future Stars project supports the development in Australia of year round training programs for grassroots, junior, development and emerging athletes on the pathway to international competition.

Future Stars Camp 2019 wax lesson with Luca  416 KB.jpg
Kids keen to learn about ski care, at the Future Stars Camp 2019, based at the Hotham Biathlon Arena! Click on the photo to support our Future Stars Project


Donations of any size are welcome.

Your donation may remain anonymous, upon request.

For further information and to make a tax-deductible donation, please see the Support tab at


contact us e: australianbiathlon[at]

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